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Make sure you are an informed voter and read up on some of Eric Harris's issues. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and you can click through to see additional information. If you do not see a particular issue you want to know Eric's opinion on feel free to go to the contact tab to inquire about a specific issue

Fiscal Responsibility

The role of the County Council is to appropriate funds for all spending in Elkhart County. As a Councilman, I will strive to spend when necessary and cut where possible. We must continuously look for unique budgeting solutions to continue to provide necessary services to Elkhart County residents without the need for increased taxation.

Property Rights and Ending Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain is an atrocity that occurs far too frequently. If a person does not want to sell they should not be forced to. We also need to quit buying property and then giving it away for free or a reduced price to businesses. If a business wants to open shop in Indiana they should pay their fair share.

Reduce Taxation and Control Spending

The Republican party wants to tell you that they are the party of low taxes but in 2017 they added 45 taxes and fees costing the taxpayers even more money. I believe that taxation is improper when there is a lack of representation and that is exactly what Indiana has been getting for years. We need to monitor every expenditure and be sure that our allocations are followed to the letter. Spending has increased in our state and that is why we need to have someone in office that is willing to analyze where all that money is going. Ending frivolous spending, incentives, and halting public interest group involvement. I want to be your voice and get more money back in your pocket.

Law Enforcement Authority

Our law enforcement officials across the county are working diligently to protect the county, however, I believe they overstep occasionally. There are a lot of good officers and there are some that do not deserve to wear a badge. We should cooperate with our officers but not if it violates any of our rights. We need to make sure the 4th amendment is held in the highest regard. I want the people of Elkhart County to feel secure and unburdened by the fear that a police officer can take your money or property because they suspect you of a crime. I want it to be easier for people to get back what has been seized from them pending an investigation. We do not live in a Big Brother world yet and I believe we need to step away from that mentality thus ending these searches and seizures.

Road Issues

Living in Northern Indiana we all have hit those potholes that rumble your entire vehicle or maybe even done damage to the vehicle. This cannot continue to happen, we need to do a better job of fixing up our roads. Instead of sinking money into beautification projects, we need to focus on the safety of the people that drive on our roads. Taxation that is collected for the roads should only go to the roads.


We need to restrict and eliminate as many regulations as we can. The government has no place in determining what businesses succeed or fail, yet Elkhart has a way of creating cost-prohibitive measures on people wanting to start a business. We need to be a county that promotes entrepreneurship and rewards great ideas.

Committee to Elect Eric Harris
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