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About Eric


 Eric D Harris, Was born and raised in Elkhart County. Raised by my family, mother Charly Harris, father James M Harris, Grandmother Ruth Estes, Grandfather Charles Estes, and my cousins Iva Charles, Joseph Charles. My family has been working really hard to instill a solid work ethic and a passion to help people. Eric has been faced with adversity and hardship for most of his life. His mother passed away from an extended illness in 2013 while Eric was a freshman in High School, After his mother passing he moved out of his father's house to his Grandparents house to take care of them. When at the age of 18, He got a job at Wal-Marts to help get through some rough patches.

Eric who attended Jimtown High School was in DECA for two years, Student Council for one year, and Football for two years. Eric was always more focused on helping his family, After his foot surgery in his junior year, he decided to leave football and focusing on helping his grandparents. After graduating from Jimtown High School at 18, Eric did what so many others from Elkhart have done; he got a job working in a Warehouse.

In the sweat and toil of working in an warehouse labor, Eric is pursuing a lifelong dream to run for political office. Eric has since junior High was always interested in politics. In 2012, He was rooting for Ron Paul in the Republican Primaries. After Ron Paul lost the primaries, Eric was rooting for Mitt Romney. After the 2012 elections, Eric realized that he had a passion for politics. In 2016, Eric was rooting for Rand Paul and after Rand Paul Dropped out of the Republican Primary, He joined the Libertarian Party. Shortly after that, Eric joined his Local Affiliated of the Libertarian party of Elkhart County, He helped out on Ethan Legg Indiana House 21 campaign.

In 2017, Eric was elected to become his Local Libertarian Party Vice Chair where he did community Outreach. Eric Held that position Until April of this year where he stepped down and became the party secretary. Eric Harris has a passion for helping people, public engagement, education, and love of America which will add up to perfectly to representing this district as an new and young blood in Goshen. Let Eric Harris work for you and not the other way around. Let's minimize the government and maximize your Freedom!

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